Blacklisted Words and DnD list

Blocked Words

Dear customer, 

The following words have been blocked on MObilitySMS SMS: 

Avoid the use of such word so that your messages can be delivered effectively.
c0ngratulati0ns pr0m0 w0n call,congratulations promo won call,pr0m0
w0n call,prom0 w0n call,pr0mo w0n call,promo won call,hurray w0n
call,hurray won call,won prize call,w0n prize call,pr0m0 prize
call,prom0 prize call,pr0mo prize
Also for sender ID: , All sender ID must NOT start with numbers
(numerials) e.g 2wice , 5stars, 3plegate,4square,1love
using any governor names as sender ID is not allowed .That is past and present

Messages with these words as part of its content are considered as spam and do not get delivered by the network operators. In order to guide against loss of sms units from your end, . Kindly avoid the use of these words in your messages. We would not be responsible for messages that are un-delivered as a result of blacklisted filtered messages .

Also, avoid the following in your Sender ID

1, 2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, &, _, -, %, $, #, @, !, +, =, FBI,CIA,Interpol, Facebook, samsung, orange, sony, Nokia, tecno, Airtel, Etisalat,orange

Sender IDs with these words and figures will be blocked by our system.

Dear Client , This is a notice regarding potential problems you might encounter in messaging efforts towards MTN network in Nigeria, due to a change in operator's policy. Details: Start: 07 July 2016 11:00 UTC End: TBA Impact: Partial degradation of MT SMS delivery. Data shows new restriction on traffic types accepted by MTN, based on DND (Do Not Disturb) functionality. This means that the numbers affected are users who have individually unsubscribed from the promotional traffic, directly through MTN. We remain at your disposal for any further inquiries.

Please SMS 'Status' to 2442 to check if your mtn line is on DnD

Send 'Allow' to 2442 to ensure delivery of all messages.





MobilitySMS Team

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